It aint what you got, its what you make

The Ballad of Shovels and Rope captures the tours and detours of a husband and wife as they create and release the critically acclaimed album, O' Be Joyful. From working for tips to becoming "Emerging Artist of the Year," the two-man family band uses ingenuity and hard work to create something out of nothing.

  • "Be prepared to fall in love with Shovels & Rope."
    WKSU Radio
  • "Best Song of the Year."
    American Songwriter
  • "The cheerful storyline will likely please fans as the narrative juxtaposes the band's hits against the couple's teasing commentary and unrehearsed slapstick"
    Charleston City Paper
  • "Emerging Artist of the Year"
    Americana Music Association


October 24 - Indianapolis, Indiana, 3:30pm at AMC Traders Point Theater 10 for Heartland Film Festival - INFO & TICKETS

October 25 - Lowell, Massachusetts, 2:35pm at the Luna Theater - TICKETS

November 6 - Raleigh, North Carolina, 7pm at the Regal North Hills Stadium 14 - INFO

November 6 - San Francisco, California, 8:30pm at the AMC Van Ness 14 - INFO

November 6 - Dallas, Texas, 7:30pm - TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE

November 6 - Los Angeles, California, 7:30pm at Laemmie's Music Hall - TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE

November 13 - Cleveland, Ohio, 7:30 pm at Cleveland Cinemas - Capitol Theatre - INFO

November 13 - San Diego, California, 6:30pm at AMC Mission Valley 20 - INFO

November 16 - St. Paul, Minnesota, 1pm - Sound Unseen - INFO & TICKETS

November 17 - Boulder, Colorado, 8:30pm at Century Boulder 16 - INFO

November 19 - Jacksonville, Florida, 7pm at Sun Ray Cinema - INFO

December 6 - Chicago, Illinois, 7:30pm at the Tonic Room - TICKETS

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cast and crew

Whistling a similar tune, the characters in and behind the scenes dripped sweat and wrung blood to independently will this film into being with help along the way of a grassroots, crowd funding campaign. This movie is a testament to the joy of creating something out of nothing.